Friday, November 7, 2008


Hey everypug! Pip here to give an update on our Friday. Dad is still sick, but he went to work today anyway. At least he's taking his icky pills. I hate when the doctor sez I has to take pills. Mommy tries to put them in marshmallows cuz Jasmine will takes pills that way. But I iz too smart fer dat. I won't even eat marshmallows any more.

Mommy took some pictures of us pugz last night cuz we wuz bein so cute. Dis is me lookin handsome as ever! Watch out Salinger, I iz workin on my figure and Sophie iz gonna like me!!!Dis is a close up of Jas. Mommy and Daddy tink she iz so smart. Well she iz purty smart. She iz purty fun to play wit too. She likes to play tug-o-war wit her ropes. Dat is fun!

Bernice is so weerd. She is always lickin. Mommy sed Sophie, Dixie, and Harley's mom wud like dis picture. Somthin about a nosegard. Eli wuz jealous of everone else havin der pictures takin so he got in front of Bernice and Big Ern.
Bernice tinks she's a dentist too...
So Mommy came home from work today and let us play outside in de leeves. It wuz so much fun runnin around. De leeves make a funny sound wen you run through dem. Hey Sophie, check out dis handsome pug...
I iz bein thoughtful in dis picture. I wuz tinkin about de treats we wuz gonna get wen we went back in da house!
I tink Mommy and Daddy need to get rid of da pugkins. Wut do you tink?
Mommy is gonna make some soup tomorrow cuz she is startin to feel icky like Daddy. She sez he homemade chicken soup cures icky stuff. I like wen she makes soup cuz we usually get sum of da mushy chicken wen it's done. Mmmmmm...I luv chicken. Even though Mommy isn't feelin so great, she is still havin some of dat whine stuff. She sez she uses it for cookin so she might as well have sum, but I tink she really cooks wit it so she can drink da whine!
Bark at ya later!

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Kelly said...

I love the new pictures of you all! What a bunch of cuties! Mom tries to give me pills in cheese, but I am too smart for her! I chew the cheese, and spit out the pill! She had never even thought of marshmallows!

My momma also drinks the 'whine' when she isn't feeling good. She said it makes her relax and feel sleepy! I say she does enough whining without it!