Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday licks

Hey everyone! Pug licks from a blustery Indianapolis! It has gotten really chilly here! The people on tv said it was supposed to get into the 40's today, but Mommy said it was only in the 30's. It's a good thing there are 5 of us to snuggle together! Mommy and Daddy were really happy last night when they were watching that football thing on tv. Their favorite team, the Colts, won. They got really excited when the game was finally over because it was pretty close. It makes us nervous when the games are close because Mommy and Daddy get all nervous and yell at the tv. It's not like there are dogs on tv. That's when we yell at the tv!

Anyway, Mommy's fingers are kind of cold and she doesn't feel like typing for us any more tonight, so we're going to go snuggle in bed with the flannel sheets and the warm fluffy comforter!

The Pug Posse


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

OUR Mommy and Daddy do the same thing. We bark when their are dogs on the TV, not people running on grass. Although Dixie barks when roosters are on TV, she is so weird!!

The Devil Dog said...

Mom doesn't care about football, but dad likes the guy named Pat. He ususally goes to a friend's house to watch though. So it's quiet at our house.


Kelly said...

YAY for the Colts! I always bark at doorbells on TV, because I think someone is at our house! There is one Pizza Hut commercial in particular that gets me EVERY time!

Nevis said...

That's about as cold as it's been here at night lately. Brrr!