Monday, April 27, 2009

Indy Mutt Strut 2009

Hello everyone! Big Ern here. You would not believe what our Mommy made us do yesterday...we went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to walk around the track! It was a benefit for the Indianapolis Humane Society called Mutt Strut. We were part of a team that Sophie, Dixie, and Harley's Mommy got us to sign up for, the ComedySportz team. Troy, the human that organized the team, has 2 pugs himself! Make sure you check out S, D, and H's blog for their pictures. We were a bit behind the team, so we don't really have pictures of them. We took our time and walked the track with Lilo's parents. Of course, Mommy and Daddy thought they were going to get there in plenty of time to hang out with the team, but the traffic was horrible getting there. They had a record number of people register, over 6,000, so getting into the track took a while.
Once we were inside and checked in, this giant dog accosted Gus. Ok, he just petted him and Gus really had no idea what was going on, but he was a giant!
Mommy tried to get us all loaded up in the wagon to start, just so we could stay organized in the crowd. Did I mention that there were over 6,000 people there? And there were at least that many dogs! Everyone loved seeing us in our wagon...
There were little pools of water set up around the track as well as drinking bowls so all of us dogs could stay cool. It was over 80 degrees yesterday and that pavement sure got warm! I really didn't care much for the pools, but I don't like baths either. Lilo on the other hand couldn't wait to get her paws wet! Here she is hanging out in the pool with a bulldog! We finally got on to the track and started walking. That's Lilo's daddy, Ryan, in the middle of the picture (with the grey shirt and white hat) walking Eddie. Sam pulled the wagon. Daddy was walking with me (that's me at the bottom center of the picture). Only 3 of us pugs walked the entire way, me, Eddie, and Lilo. Pippin only got out of the wagon a few times to get water and take a dip in the pools, other than that he rode the entire way. He was really playing up his title, the Pugfather!
Eli and Lilo seemed to strike up a conversation as they walked...
Phew...almost to the first turn...
Bernice had a somewhat uncomfortable moment in the pool at the first turn. There were vets and vet techs at several stops to make sure the dogs were doing ok. Some got their temperatures taken, like the one right next to Neecy...
This big dog thought it was play time in the pool. He got in and started splashing away...
Another dog checking Lilo out...
These poor guys must have really been warm with those big fur coats on!
This bulldog was enjoying the ride...
Then we met this dog...he has a couple of pug brothers who didn't go to the walk so he hung out with us for a while thinking we were his brothers. He seemed to be right at home with us because he laid down right in the middle of all 8 of us!
Are we almost to the finish line? No? Darn it!!!
There sure were a lot of different kinds of dogs there!
Gus was quite the trooper. He rode quite a bit of the way, but he kept wanting to get out of the wagon to walk. He especially wanted to walk the last stretch so he could say he crossed the finish line on his feet...
Even the humans had to stop and drink water, but they drank out of bottles instead of the bowls on the ground. Silly humans!
This Lassie look-alike was hogging the pool. Can't say I blame him with that thick fur!
Yes, there were a lot of different kinds of dogs there, some we have never seen before!
Pug time in the pool!!!!
Looks like someone else didn't pay attention to the weather forecast...that thick coat is not good for this kind of hot weather!
My poor, sweet, beautiful Jasmine did not have a very good time. Shortly before we reached the third turn, she started acting strangely while riding in the wagon. Being the only black pug in the Posse, she absorbed all of the heat and started feeling a little ill. So Daddy took her out of the wagon and straight over to the nearest water bowl. He also took a bottle of water and poured it over her, soaking her beautiful coat. Fortunately that was what she needed because she perked right up after that. We hurried up to the nearest vet checkpoint and a vet tech checked her out. Her temperature was normal and she didn't seem to be hurting anywhere. And she was responding to Mommy and Daddy. That last 1/4 of the walk went pretty fast though, just so they could get Jas off the hot track and find some shade.
Even Bernice was concerned about Jasmine and kept her company in the wagon...That's the final turn in sight...not much further now...
A Great Dane got to wear his human's shirt!
Look out, Lilo! Those are Pit Bulls! They were really very nice. They were members of the Indy Pit Crew, a local Pit Bull rescue group!
Oh my goodness! Is that the finish line up ahead? That was a ridiculously big track!
Come on big guy! We're almost to the finish!
Yay! The Posse finally crossed the finish line!!!
Our boy, Sam, posed with Lilo's daddy, Ryan. Ryan had said he was going to kiss the bricks at the end, like the silly racecar drivers do, but he wouldn't do it when we actually got there!
Sam and Mommy and Daddy at the finish line!
Lilo's daddy, Ryan, and mommy, Jessica, posing with our Mommy and Daddy...
We finally found some shade and most of us sacked out in the wagon. I, Big Ern, stood guard and barked at all the strange looking dogs around us.
Boy, Pippin sure was worn out from all that riding he did!
Gus just slid down into the corner of the wagon...
We all got home and collapsed, except for Lilo. I think she could have walked the 2 1/2 miles around the track again! She was so playful! Then her parents put her leash on when they were getting ready to go to their home and Eddie woke up and decided he wanted to take her for a walk!
Jasmine was so worn out!
Pippin sporting a big noseguard...
Well, that's all we have for today. We are going to drag Mommy to bed early. Her legs are pretty sore because she did work outside on Saturday then did the Mutt Strut on Sunday. We thought she should have stayed home from work today to hang out with us, but she went anyway. Silly Mommy!
Pug hugs and kisses!
Ernie and the Pug Posse

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Hello friends! Big Ern here. What a beautiful day it is today. After having chilly temperatures early this week, we reached 80 degrees today! It's so nice and sunny outside. And this Sunday we are going to walk 2 1/2 miles around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (where the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400 are held) for a benefit for the Humane Society called Mutt Strut! So far it looks like the weather should be pretty good for it, but maybe a little on the hot side. But we're going to take the wagon which Sam is going to pull us around in when we get too hot or tired. He tested it out last Saturday. Yes, there are 8 pugs in the wagon...our buddy Lilo came to visit us and Sam insisted she join us for the ride around the back yard... Now enjoy some pictures of the Posse enjoying the warm weather...
Happy weekend everybody!
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse