Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Sunday

Hi! I iz Eli an I iz gunna tell you bout my day. It wuz bizzy. We woke up dis mornin an wanted to go outside. Us pugz wuz so eggcited to go outside.Den we went out an it wuz so cold! Momma took dis picher of da cold meter ting... But da sun was making everting shiny and warmed it up a bit. Momma saw dis ting on da tree in da backyard. It wuz hitting da tree wit itz face. Momma sed it wuz a woodpecker. An peeple tink pugz are silly. Why wud anyone hit a tree wit der face like dat? Da picher iznt too gud cuz Momma cudnt zoom in too close...
Den later Momma took me an Ernie to Petco. We wuz at da front of da store greeting everone dat walked in. Momma sed we wuz der fur KPR. Dey iz da groop dat rescooed me! So it wuz ok dat we did dat. Lotz of peeple stopped to pet us and sum peeple put money in da bowl. Ernie wuz very nice but he barked at all da udder dogz dat came in. He wuz so noizy! Den Momma let me pick out a fuzzy toy! Itz a big wite fuzzy ting wit long legs. I took da tag off befor Momma cud even pay for it! We wuz soooo tired wen we left. We iz all sleepy now.
Wen we got home, I let Neecy play wit my new toy. I wuz tired of playing wit it anyway...
I tink Momma shud haz got one for Neecy too but it wuz da last one der. So I guess I let Neecy play wit mine...
I iz gunna sleep now. I talk to youz later.


Salinger The Pug said...

WOW Eli! You are a very good SpokesPug for KPR!

I'm sorry that we didn't see you yesterday, but we went to a different Petco looking for you! We'll try again next time and bring some money for your bowl!

Tell your mommy and daddy to have a great week and I hope your mommy gets to relax a bit and enjoy Turkey Day! My mommy is exhausted just reading all the things she does!!!!

Love and kisses to all,

Kelly said...

Eli, you are so sweet! I bet you made KPR so proud to have you as a representative! Did they pay you in treats and snuggles for all of your hard work?

17 degrees is SO cold! I am such a little diva when it's cold. I act like I'm dying when I have to go out and pee!!

Paula said...


I bet you were just the best rep KPR could ask for. And how kind you are to your sister too sharing your new toys.

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi! It is nice to have a busy day. Coco loves to be busy but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to plan pet friendly activities lately... I wanted to do a road trip this long weekend but wont be able to do so. Oh life gets too complicated!

Unknown said...

What a PUGCITING Day Eli! We are all pausing for a special moment to say a big SHOUT OUT to KPR pug rescue, one of the bestest puggy rescues ever. Happy Thanksgiving to the Smith Pug Posse. We sure love you guys.
Annie, Howie, Java, Angel Winnie and the Mama