Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy weekend (as told by Jasmine)

Wow, what a busy weekend Mommy and Daddy had! Us pugs mostly just hung out at home. I took advantage of the air mattress before it got deflated and put away... On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy and Sam went downtown to the Murat Theatre to see The Lion King. They went with Mommy's whole family! I don't know why they wanted to see something about cats, but I guess there were no dog musicals going on...
After the play, they all went to the Columbia Club for dinner. Bubba (Mommy's dad) has been a member of the club for a long time and Mommy and Daddy's wedding reception was there. This is Aunt Sharon and cousin Audrey talking to Namie. Aunt Sharon is married to Mommy's brother, James. They have 3 girls, Grace, Audrey, and Stephanie. They live in Chicago now, but they are probably going to be moving to Arizona next year. Namie is Mommy's grandmother. She turned 93 this year!
This is Mommy and Bubba sitting in front of the fireplace talking about football...
Here is Namie...
Sam and Audrey were playing with the train set while cousin Alex posed for Mommy. Alex and Emma are Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck's kids. Aunt Debbie is Mommy's sister and they live in Lafayette, IN.
This is a picture of the world's largest Christmas tree. Well, that's what they call it, but it's really the Soldiers and Sailors monument in the middle of downtown Indy and they decorate it with lights every year.
Here's Daddy in front of the monument waiting for the valet service to bring the car back...
Well, Mommy and Daddy's busy Saturday sure wore us out! Being pugs, we go sooooo exhausted just waiting for them to get back home. So we just wanted to sleep in this morning...
Then Mommy made us get up and go outside. And guess what we found out...that it had snowed overnight!!! And Mommy STILL made us go outside! Can you believe it?
It wasn't even a nice fluffy snow. It was a crunchy kind of frozen rain mixed with snow :-b
Then we came back in the house and snuggled together under Mommy while she was on the computer. She had to print out some KPR stuff because it was another Petco Sunday. This time she took me with Eli because Ernie barked too much last week.
Mommy and Daddy both went with us to Petco and we each got to walk around the store. I helped Mommy pick out a new toy for Eli since everyone tore up the toy he got last week (Mommy found a leg on the floor this morning that had been separated from the rest of the toy). And Eli got this cool Colts hat! I tried it on, but I don't like things on my head, so it didn't last very long on me. But Eli seemed to like it! And it looked really cute on him. He's an ok little pug. He sure seems to be happy! We also got a bunch of new treats...Yum!
When we got home, Mommy and Daddy watched the Colts on tv. They won again! And now we are soooooooo pooped. I think we'll probably be sleeping all day tomorrow while Mommy and Daddy are at work and Sam is at school! We hope everyone has a good week!
Pug hugs and kisses,
Jasmine and the Pug Posse


The Devil Dog said...

Phew, that was an action filled blog for sure. We hope everyone liked the Lion King. We heard it was awesome. Neat family photos, mom hopes there is no test on who is related to whom. And yes we had snow too, but now it is rain. yech!


Paula said...


Wow, I can understand how you'd be so worn out, alot going on at your place this weekend. Beautiful pictures.

Its a cuddle up Monday for you though. Get your rest.

Paula and the Pug Moon trio

Kelly said...

Jasmine, no wonder you guys are worn out! You have been BUSY keeping the house safe while your pawrents were out and about! It's a FULL time job being a puggy!

I love Eli's new hat! He looks so cool!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi Jasmine! I am glad you got to spend a little time with family, that makes the weekend really special!

Salinger The Pug said...

OOOHHH Such nice pics of the big tree (the Circle)! My daddy works right down the street from it!

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend!

We agree that the world is seriously lacking a PUG musical!