Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sick day

We didn't take any new pictures today, so we thought we'd post this one of 3 pugs snuggling under the computer desk.

Daddy went to see the doctor this morning and the doctor said he has pneumonia. They told him to stay home today, which was just fine with us pugs! He has some new medicine to take that's supposed to make him feel better, but we think pug kisses should cure him :-)

Nothing else new here, we've just been busy taking care of Daddy. Hopefully Mommy and Sam won't get sick too!
The Pug Posse


Brill said...

OMG I just say you blog today: FIVE pugs ?!?!
Keep up the good work x

Liss said...

Pug kissies are the best.

The Devil Dog said...

Pug kisses are the best. Just like home made chicken soup. Which mom is making. But you live too far away for her to give your dad any. Sorry.
Hope the medicine helps and he gets better.


Pug Posse said...

Thank you Roxy! Mom is going to make some home made chicken soup tomorrow cuz now she's getting sick and nothing cures better than home made chicken soup and pug kisses!