Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Good morning everypug! Jasmine here on a lazy Saturday. Daddy had to get up kind of early for a Saturday because he had to go in to work. He had to make up some time since he was sick this past week and he doesn't have a lot of sick time left. Well, when Daddy got up, all us pugs decided that we needed to snuggle around Mommy! I had been on Mommy's stomach, but Pippin pushed his way into the spot and there just wasn't enough room for both of us. At least, not enough room for MY liking.Then everyone else decided to pile on...
Well, we thought that would make Mommy feel better, but Daddy gave her his germs, so she got up to start a big pot of homemade chicken soup. I can't smell it yet, but I know that we'll get some of the delicious chicken from it when it's done. Once we start smelling it, then it's just torture to have to smell it all day but have to wait to have any chicken. I ask, is there anything better in the world than chicken? I have never met a pug that didn't love chicken!
Well, I think Mommy is probably going to crawl back into bed soon, so we have to be ready to snuggle with her to make her feel better.


Brill said...

LOL I got confused because normally people do Lazy Sunday posts :P
Get well soon !

The Devil Dog said...

Ha ha ha. That is a great photo of all of you on top of your mom. We hope she feels better soon. Mom is making chicken soup as well.


Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi Jasmine! my mom can't breathe when I decide to sleep on top of her stomach, I can't imagine 3 pugs! wow that's like a ton!
I hope that your mom is feeling better, is it too cold in there?