Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hooray! No rain today!

Hi everbuddy! Eli here wit sum pics and thawts.
Look at da blu sky! We cud see dat it wuz not rainin today and we cudnt wait to go outside. Mommy finally got home and we wuz so happy! Der iz dat brite ting in da sky dat makes lite. We haznt seen it fur a wile. It wuz hidin behind da clowds wen Mommy took da pichur, but you can see da lite...
Here I iz. You can see sum fud in da bowl next to me. Mommy put sum meet in a pot dis mornin befor she went to wurk an we ben smellin it all day. Who wantz plain ol dog fud wen der is sumting dat smellz so gud cookin? I hope Mommy letz us have sum. It smellz like sumtimg I wud like!
Bernice wuz smilin fur Mommy. Duznt she haz a purty smile?
My pal Pippin cawt dis meen skwirel dat wuz in da houz. Hez so brave!
Mommy finally let us out and my udder best bud Ernie went over to dis ting dat is in Mommy's garden. I tink dey call it Sane Frantzes. Ernie thawt it made a gud pee spot and so did I...
Pippin da Brave...
Jaz is da kween of da houz. No buddy mess wid our kween!
Our hooman boy got home frum skool an had to go back to da nayburs to finish cleenin up da leevz. I dunno how cuz all da leevz fell off da treez. Da treez look kinda nekkid now.
After we came back in da houz an Mommy gave us da treetz, Mommy tried to put dis ting on Ernie's hed. It wuz wut da hooman boy wore on hiz hed fur Howloween. Ernie did a big noz gard fur Pugz and Buggz mommy. Duznt he look like a rock star?
Tamorrow iz Fryday! Dat meenz dat Mommy wont go to wurk fur a cupple dayz after dat. I hate wen she goze to wurk an leevz us all alone! I wish she wud jus stay home wid us pugz. We iz mor fun den wurk!
Eli Y


Kelly said...

Eli, you and your sibling are just so cute! My momma sqeals at all of your pics! I am so happy you got sunshine today!!!

The Devil Dog said...

Bernice has a very pretty smile. You all are a lot of fun. We are glad the sun came out for you. Maybe it sill come out for us.