Monday, November 3, 2008

Eli's story

Hi! I iz Eli. I dinnit have a gud start in life but I iz very happy now. I wuz rescood from a pug breeder dat dinnit take gud care of us pugz. I wuz so skinny u cood see my ribz. The nice pug rescoo peeple took me to a pug partee. Der wuz lots of pugz der. Dey put a number round my neck n put me in a pen wid udder pugz. Den I saw my mommy. I never met her befor but I new she wuz my mommy. I gave her lots of kisses and tried to tell her to take me home wid her.

Pleez take me home wid u!!!
It wuzent to long befor I got to go to mommys houz. Look how skinny I wuz...
Now I get to run and play wid 4 udder pugz at home. And I snuggle wid my mommy a lot.
Mommy sumtimz callz me Bobblehed cuz wen I wuz so skinny my hed looked so big and I like to tilt my hed wen Mommy talks to me.

I luv my new home and my new family so much. De udder pugz are fun to play wid and der are lots of toys to play wid. Den we all snuggle wid Mommy and Daddy at nite.
I no I no tipe to gud but I dinnit get to lurn much befor my new family but Jaz haz bin teeching me sum stuff. Maybe I wil get better if I get to do dis mor. Ok I iz gonna take a nap now cuz dis made me tired.


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Great post Eli! Those pictures of you telling your momma to take you home are precious! We love you!

-Sophie, Dixie, and Harley

Three Pugsketeers said...

So glad to meet you Eli! Love the pics!

Harry Pugalicious said...

We's so glad you gots rescued and found your momma!

The Devil Dog said...

Thank you for your story, Eli. We are glad you found a wonderful, loving forever home.

Roxy & Lucky