Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tribute to a great pug

Hi everyone! Pug Mama here. I've been kind of sad today. Yesterday was the first anniversary of the passing of our first pug, Sidney. Denny got him for me as a wedding gift. Sid was the best pug ever! It's been a year, but I still miss him a great deal :-(

This is Sid when he was still a puppy...
Sid in his stylish rain slicker ;-)

He was always so handsome.
He was going on 7 years old when we got Jasmine. Yes, that little baby is Jasmine! He was an only pug for almost 7 years, so he wasn't too thrilled when this little ball of energy entered his life. But he soon fell in love with her just like the rest of us did.
Good old Sid and his daddy...
Tromping through the dandelions...
Fending off puppy attacks...
No wonder he was a little freaked out by her...she moved quicker than the speed of light!
Sid and his Yoda pose...
He really loved his daddy...
He was truly one of a kind...there will never be another Sid...
Trying to trick us...which one is real and which one is the statue...
Pippin adored Sid. He really took care of him during the tough last year of his life. Sid had a bad back and had times of not being able to walk. He would manage to get himself up for a while, then he would go back to being immobile. The last few months of his life his muscles really atrophied and we had to carry him everywhere. I think I was washing his pillows every day. But he was still happy and still full of piss and vinegar.
He still kept an eye on everything that was going on and yapped at us for everything. He had us trained pretty well :-)
I still miss him so much...
I love you Sid and I look forward to one day seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge. You were the best dog ever!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Petco duty

Hi! I iz Eli. I iz bloggin fur Big Ern todeh. Yesturdeh Mama n Daddeh tuk me n Gus to Petco fur KPR. We met a nu pug Max. Hiz Mama wuz new to Petco dooteh, so we helpt dem out. Dis iz Max...
Dis puppeh sed hi to us. Hiz name iz Marleh. He iz 6 weeks old...
Daddeh sed hi to da puppeh...
Den ar gud frend Hank came to say hi!
Daddeh gave Hank sum butt rubs. Gus got a nu ball.
Max haz a tung like r frend Sofeh.
Dat iz Max's mama, Mareh wit da KPR shirt. Sum kidz played wit us pugz.
Den r buddeh Salinger came to vizit us. I tink Max had fun.
Hiz mama also adopted Teddeh. U mite rememmer hiz storeh frum KPR. He had to hav sergereh fur cat-a-racks. Maybeh he wil get to do Petco dooteh nex time.
It wuz like a mini meetup.
Hank n Max got along real gud.
Gus wuz happeh. Gus iz alwayz happeh.
Hank thot Salinger's mama had da treatz in her bag.
Gus wuz boneless.
Hank wuz smilin.
We wuz havin fun together.
Even S-dawg had fun.
Den r bestest buddeh Lilo showed up.
Salinger's mama gave Lilo a big hug.
Da mamas thot sumting wuz funneh.
Lilo's daddeh gave S-dawg sum butt rubs.

Wen we got home da udder pugz wuz outside. Dis iz wut we found.
Datz why Eddeh iz so fat. He duz cookin wen da hoomans r gon.
Pug hugz n kissez