Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Ellie!!!

Hey everyone! Big Ern here to tell you about a little party we had here at Casa de Posse.
Ernie and Pippin
Gus had a really hard time keeping it a secret!
Gus telling Big Ern a secret
 Oh my goodness!  Someone is one year old!!!  Mama made this cake for the special birthday pug!  It was her first puggy cake, but she'll be making more for Pugs In The Kitchen!
Banana cake with banana/carob frosting
Here's the special birthday pug!  It's little Miss Ellie!!!
 Woo hoo!!!  Happy Birthday Ellie!!!
Pudge singing to Ellie
 I know there's cake up here somewhere!
Princess Mia
Ellie's puppy class teacher came to the pawty with his 6 month old Husky, Banshee!  That was a lot of work chasing that puppy around the yard!

Is that a dog or a horse?

 Banshee had to take a rest!  She didn't expect pugs to be that crazy!
 Salinger's mom, Aunt Laura, made this beautiful cake for the humans.  That's Ellie's mom posing next to it.

 Aunt Laura snuggled with her favorite Posse member, Pippin.  We probably have enough pics of the two of them together to fill a couple of photo albums!
Ellie couldn't wait for the puggy cake!
I think the look on her face says it all!
Wait, where's my cake???
Nom, nom, nom!
 A kitchen full of pugs waiting for cake...
Salinger and his mom wondering what all the jackassery was about :-D
We had some out of town guests for the pawty.  This is Payton's Gampy giving Apollo some scritchies.
Yoda, Gampy, and Apollo
That's Hank's mom in the blue talking to Tiffy and her mom.  And on the far right of this pic is Payton being snuggled by her daddy!
Can I have that cake?
Tiffy is such a cute little girl :-)
Our buddy Apollo has a new foster sister, Lisa/Athena.  She's a little pocket pug too and is already quite the daddy's girl!

 Does she remind anyone else of Bernice?  We think Bernice sent her down from the mother ship :-)
Thank you, thank you very much (said in an Elvis voice).
Good night, Irene...I mean Isabella!
That was the excitement we had this past weekend.  Mama still owes you a post of the rest of the pics from Vinny's party, but she has been super busy (what else is new) with KPR and PITK and birthday pawties.  Oh, and she's been busy with work too.

Pug hugs and kisses!
Big Ern and the Pug Posse

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventure Part 2 - The Party

So Mama is a bit of a dork and took way too many pictures at Vinny's birthday pawty on Sunday.  We were going to post the pics yesterday as a Wordless Wednesday, but it took too long to upload them and the post didn't get done.  So here is our Thursday post with the first half of the pawty pics.  Enjoy!!!
Vinny, the birthday boy!

Vinny and his mama, Linda

That's no pug!!!

Princess Mia loved the watermelon!
Stay tuned for more fun pawty pics!!!
Ernie and the Pug Posse