Friday, June 10, 2011

Report to the Mother Ship

Agent Timmy's mission log. Earth date: 06-10-2011.

It has been almost a year since my colleague and I arrived on Earth. We have been accepted into our home as planned. The plan started with a snag however, when the family chose to take only Agent Bella. I was able to convince the temporary housing authority that I needed to be stationed with Bella and the mission has been running smoothly ever since.

We were able to pick up on Agent Bernice's work that was interrupted due to her sudden recall to the Mother Ship. Bernice did an excellent job paving the way for our arrival. The humans clearly worship us and will not be difficult to conquer when the time comes. I have developed a fondness for this human family as they have welcomed me into their home and provide me with everything that I require. The female human even makes special food for us, she calls them "treats". I must say I have never tasted anything quite like it.

As you can see we have become quite comfortable in our new surroundings.
There are others like us in the home. Only one I recognized from the home world. He is called Ernie and he arrived with Bernice. He has become very protective of the humans, especially the female. He is also very protective of the others like us.
As for the others, you can see that this one that they call "Eddie" is without a doubt from our home world. He does not remember arriving here and believes that he is of this world. I will continue to analyze his brain functions to determine what happened.
There is one among us who is not from our world, yet she is clearly not from Earth. They call her "Rosie". She is a long-haired cyclopsian creature. She is very receptive to the humans, but she can be a little mean to us Pugosians. She will require continued monitoring to make sure her kind is not planning a takeover of their own.
We will continue to interact with others like us. There are monthly gatherings called "meetups" that we will attend. We have been able to contact others in the meetups and have confirmed that the mission is on schedule.
I will attempt to gain access to the humans' internet communicating device again soon to report on any new findings.

Agent Timmy signing off.