Friday, March 30, 2012

Sad March

 This has been a very sad March.  Two weeks ago today, we lost our good friend Yoda.  He went unexpectedly to the Bridge, but he went peacefully in his sleep.  Then we found out that our blogger buddy Payton was not doing well.  She has fought the odds and survived 9 years with PDE.  This is usually a horrible disease that is quickly fatal.  But her parents did everything they could for her and got her the best care possible.  Unfortunately, she had been having breathing problems and they diagnosed it as a collapsing trachea and last night she was put in an oxygen tent to help her breathe.  This morning she went peacefully with her parents at her side.

We only had the pleasure of meeting little Payton once when she came to Ellie's birthday party last fall, but we remember her as a spunky little girl with a heart of gold.  These are some pictures of both Yoda and Payton from Ellie's birthday party.  Mama didn't get very good pictures of either of them, but at least they look happy and that's how we want to remember them.

Yoda and Ellie (in the brown shirt)
Yoda (standing in the center) supervising the playing
Yoda sitting on the couch behind Payton's Gampy
Payton being held by her daddy
Payton and her daddy

Pug hugs & kisses,
The Pug Posse

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Butler Blue II

Happy National Puppy Day!!!  This has been a crazy week!  We got to do something really fun yesterday, but we'll post about that later.  Mama wanted to post these pics of something that SHE got to do today.  She got a bakery order this morning from a bulldog she met on Twitter.  Gracie (@bullymonst for those of you on Twitter) is the sweetest girl!  She really likes Butler Blue II, the official bulldog mascot for Butler University (where Mama got her masters degree).  Well, Blue's birthday is next week, but there was a big birthday party for him today at the Butler student union, so Gracie ordered some treats for Blue!

Here's the birthday boy himself!  He's not a pug, but he is a great looking bulldog!  This was Mama's third time getting to meet him!
Here's our silly mama posing with Blue.
Yeah, he's a pretty good looking dog for a non-pug ;-)
Blue's little brother, Blue III, aka Trip, was passed out on a chair.  He's still a puppy so I guess it was too much excitement for him!
Trip is going to be a big bully just like Blue II!
Thanks to Gracie and her mom for giving Mama an excuse to go wish Blue II a happy birthday!!!

Pug hugs & kisses,
The Pug Posse

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Chillaxin'

Pug hugs & kisses,
The Pug Posse

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boldly going where no pug has gone before

Ok, so here is the scoop...Mama lost her job in November and decided to go full steam with the dog treat bakery idea!  She partnered up with Mia's mom and Yoda, Brutus, and Ellie's mom and they started Pugs In The Kitchen!  They started it a couple of years ago as a fundraiser for the KPR events.  So now it is an official business!  They don't have a shop, but they take orders on the website and ship them out fresh (or personally deliver in Indianapolis).  Mama bakes all treats fresh in her kitchen with human grade ingredients and vacuum seals treats before shipping them.  Let me tell you, they are the most awesome, lip-smacking dog treats we have ever had!!!  We get to taste test all treats!

But treats aren't all that they sell!  Mama also makes fuzzy, squeaky stuffies!  They last longer than store bought stuffies, which is great since Eddie is so rough with stuffies!  And Aunt Jess makes charms which can be attached to collars or they can be attached to anything your humans want to attach them to, like necklaces, backpacks, whatever they want!

Before the website was even open for business, the mamas made their big debut at a local Star Trek convention called Star Base Indy!  Mama made fuzzy stuffies that they referred to as "Tribbles" and she made some others that resembled the Star Trek insignia.  They made the tribbles look like they were popping out of a suitcase :-)
Here are Aunt Cindy and Aunt Jess getting ready for the opening of the convention!
Aunt Jess made some really cool Star Trek/space charms!
They had an awesome corner spot for their goods! 
 There were lots of cool vendors there.  Right across from the PITK booth was a soap maker called Geeky Clean!  They had some really neat Star Wars themed soaps.
 Daddy bought a hat for Romeo and he rocked it!!!

 Mama made some Star Trek shaped treats using cookie cutters that Daddy made!  They were the bacon treats and they were quite popular!

Little Mia got a little tired after all the excitement!
 There were a couple of bands there.  The table on the left is for Five Year Mission and the one on the right is for Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project.
The boy (the one wearing the red shirt) had a good time too.
Of course he got sucked in by the all powerful TV!
 He got to meet John Billingsly who played Dr. Phlox in Enterprise!
 He also got to meet Tony Todd who played Worf's brother (a Klingon) in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.  But Aunt Jess was mostly excited that he was Candy Man!  She's not really into Star Trek, but she loves horror!

 There were all different kinds of costumes there!

Dr. Who was a very popular character there!
The Geeky Clean girls even had a Tardis soap (in the center of the table)!

I didn't get to go, but Romeo got to enjoy the day on Saturday and Rosie and Pippin spent Sunday there.  Mama said I couldn't go because I would have barked at everyone in costume.  Well, duh!

Anyway, that happened last month and the website opened for business a few days later.  I think everyone should go order some treats because they are super yummy!

Hope you enjoyed all the geeky pictures!!!

Pug hugs and kisses!
Ernie and the Pug Posse