Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mommy's busy time off...

Hi! Jasmine here today. I haven't posted in a while and Ernie is busy barking at Eddie and Eli, so here I am! Mommy took some time off from work and we thought it would be very nice to have her home to snuggle with, but she didn't snuggle enough for our liking! She still had work (yes, actual work on her time off) to do because she doesn't have anyone to back her up at work. Good thing she could do the work at home on the computer! Friday was Sam's first day of Spring Break, so he's been home too. We've just been hanging out waiting for snuggles...
Mommy finally got a really good picture of Eddie...he doesn't look all sad and pathetic...just a little pathetic :-)
Then he crashed on the rug in the kitchen...
Gus discovered his new favorite toy...a plastic squeaky hot dog. He plays with it constantly and squeaks it at Mommy. She'll throw it and he'll take it right back to her. Then he collapses from exhaustion!
On Saturday, Lilo brought her parents over to visit. Mommy made pasta and Bernice got to sit on Lilo's Daddy's lap at the dinner table! She is so spoiled rotten! I think she's mostly rotten anyway...
Daddy gave Lilo some love...
Can you believe this spoiled brat? She looks like she thinks she owns the place or something!
Lilo's Mommy gave Eddie lots of attention, much to Lilo's dismay...
Lilo posed for the camera...
By the end of the evening, we were pretty tired...
On Sunday, Mommy, Daddy and Sam went to the movies. They saw Hotel for Dogs. They were excited about seeing it because there were a couple of pugs in it, but Mommy was disappointed that the pugs didn't get enough screen time.
It was a pretty yucky day on Sunday, so after the movie they came home. It was actually snowing outside! Good thing it didn't stick! But Mommy saw this big ugly bird fly down towards the neighbor's yard. She thought it was a big hawk. It perched in a tree...can you see it?
After a while it flew down to the fence, then it went into the yard 2 houses down from us. This was the best picture that Daddy was able to get. They determined from it's ugly red head and dark coloring that it was a turkey vulture! I guess it was checking out what was left of the cat (in case you missed the story, check it out here).
Yesterday was Monday and Daddy took the day off. We thought that meant even more attention for us, but we were wrong again. Instead, Mommy, Daddy and Sam went downtown and had lunch, then they went to the zoo. They don't allow pugs there so we couldn't go. Here is the Indiana state capital building...
Here are some of the big buildings downtown. It was a very pretty day and we really would have enjoyed going with them...
The zoo is downtown next to the White River...
Mommy took some pictures of the animals to share with us. This is some kind of weird puffer fish...
This is a jellyfish. Mommy said it was hard to get a good picture of the jellyfish because it was really dark where they were. They had some blue light to make them glow...
They stopped to pet the sharks...these are dog sharks...they can't be too bad if they're DOG sharks...
The polar bear looked hungry...maybe it's good that we weren't there!
These trees were blooming and smelled really good...
Some nice man offered to take a picture of Mommy, Daddy, and Sam in front of the rhinos...
There was only one elephant out where they could see. Next to the elephant exhibit, they're building a new exhibit that's going to open Memorial Day...Komodo Dragons! And across from that they're going to build a cheetah exhibit that's supposed to open next year!
It's a LLAMA!!!!
Whatta ya know...llamas like to sniff butts too!
Sam is as tall as a big horse's back!
Hey! That's the same kind of bird we saw out back! It's a turkey vulture! That really is one ugly bird!
Mommy thought she posted about the bears at the zoo. There were 2 Kodiak bears and they both died last year. Well, the zoo got 2 new bears. These are Alaskan Brown Bears. They are about 1 year old and they were orphaned after their mama mauled a hiker and she got the death penalty. Her babies were going to be killed too, but they were rescued and sent (by FedEx) to our zoo. They were play fighting (I hope that was just play!)...
Aren't they cute?
This last animal could be a pug, except he's in a tree! It's a red panda...he's got that relaxing thing down to an art!
Well, Mommy has to go back to work tomorrow. She said she's going to be very busy after being off for a week! And tomorrow is the first of the month which is extra busy for her job. So we're going to make her get more snuggling in tonight!
Pug hugs and kisses!
Jasmine and the Pug Posse

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Nicknames

Hey friends! Pug Mama here today. Our friend Liss at Purs n' Snorts did this thirteen today, and we have so many nicknames for the pugs that I thought I'd give it a shot!
1. Princess: Jasmine, of course, is the princess
2. Doodles: Pippin has become Pipper-Doodles which we have shortened to Doodles or Dood
3. E-Ticket: It wasn't easy coming up with a nickname for Eli, but he makes me happy, so he's like an E-ticket at Disney :-) (That was really a stretch on that explanation!)
4. Moose: Ernie is the Moose. He is such a big pug and pretty solid muscle.
5. Squirrel: Since Ernie is Moose, his sister Bernice is Squirrel...get it? Moose and Squirrel :-D
6. Psycho Girl: Bernice is also a total psycho. Well, she would be if she had any brains in that cute little head of hers! She gets on Jasmine's nerves by getting in her face and staring her down. Jasmine growls at her, then she growls, and chaos follows. Last night Bernice actually stalked Pippin. Really dumb move going after the Dood!
7. Little Alien: Also Bernice. She has this high pitched bark that sounds like she's trying to communicate with her mother ship. Hard to explain, but it's not just a "bark, bark, bark"...it actually sounds like she's having a conversation in her alien language!
8. Lummox: This would be Eddie. He is such a long, lanky pug with huge paws. He is the polar opposite of graceful!
9. The Pugfather: If you've read our blog recently, you'll know that this is Pippin. He thinks he is the Don of the Posse ;-) Don't upset him or you'll be swimming with the fishes!
10. The Tongue: This used to be Jasmine because of all her excessive kissing, but Gus has taken this name over just by the sheer length of his tongue! And he loves giving kisses with that slobbery thing!
11. Fluffy: Pippin again. He's not fat, he's fluffy! Also known as Fluffmeister, the Fluffinator, FlufferNutter, Fluffer Doodles, etc...
12. Gus-Gus: Obviously this is Gus. Not sure if you can really say it's a nickname, but he answers better to Gus-Gus than to just Gus :-)
13. The King: I can't mention nicknames without mentioning our sweet Sidney who passed away last July. He was our only pug for 7 years and he was, without a doubt, the king of the house!

I'm sure there are many more nicknames we have for the pugs and I'm sure we will come up with many more! Does anyone else have any good nicknames?

Pug hugs and kisses!
Vikki and the Pug Posse

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Working for the Snuggle Puggle - Brando style

Hey everyone! Big Ern here again. Today is Tuesday and that means working with Eduardo!
Pippin has really been taking this "Pugfather" thing to heart. He's been going around quoting Marlon Brando constantly! So he's doing the work today with his Brando impressions!
I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.

What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? If you'd come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And if by chance an honest man like yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you.

You think you're too good for me? Nobody's too good for me. Anybody thinks they're too good for me, I make sure I knock 'em over sometime.

You don't understand! I could've had class. I could've been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, Charley, let's face it.


The horror. The horror.
Well, that was Pippn's work today. Let me tell you, it was hard work just listening to him!
Pug hugs and kisses!
Ernie and the Pug Posse