Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Nicknames

Hey friends! Pug Mama here today. Our friend Liss at Purs n' Snorts did this thirteen today, and we have so many nicknames for the pugs that I thought I'd give it a shot!
1. Princess: Jasmine, of course, is the princess
2. Doodles: Pippin has become Pipper-Doodles which we have shortened to Doodles or Dood
3. E-Ticket: It wasn't easy coming up with a nickname for Eli, but he makes me happy, so he's like an E-ticket at Disney :-) (That was really a stretch on that explanation!)
4. Moose: Ernie is the Moose. He is such a big pug and pretty solid muscle.
5. Squirrel: Since Ernie is Moose, his sister Bernice is Squirrel...get it? Moose and Squirrel :-D
6. Psycho Girl: Bernice is also a total psycho. Well, she would be if she had any brains in that cute little head of hers! She gets on Jasmine's nerves by getting in her face and staring her down. Jasmine growls at her, then she growls, and chaos follows. Last night Bernice actually stalked Pippin. Really dumb move going after the Dood!
7. Little Alien: Also Bernice. She has this high pitched bark that sounds like she's trying to communicate with her mother ship. Hard to explain, but it's not just a "bark, bark, bark" actually sounds like she's having a conversation in her alien language!
8. Lummox: This would be Eddie. He is such a long, lanky pug with huge paws. He is the polar opposite of graceful!
9. The Pugfather: If you've read our blog recently, you'll know that this is Pippin. He thinks he is the Don of the Posse ;-) Don't upset him or you'll be swimming with the fishes!
10. The Tongue: This used to be Jasmine because of all her excessive kissing, but Gus has taken this name over just by the sheer length of his tongue! And he loves giving kisses with that slobbery thing!
11. Fluffy: Pippin again. He's not fat, he's fluffy! Also known as Fluffmeister, the Fluffinator, FlufferNutter, Fluffer Doodles, etc...
12. Gus-Gus: Obviously this is Gus. Not sure if you can really say it's a nickname, but he answers better to Gus-Gus than to just Gus :-)
13. The King: I can't mention nicknames without mentioning our sweet Sidney who passed away last July. He was our only pug for 7 years and he was, without a doubt, the king of the house!

I'm sure there are many more nicknames we have for the pugs and I'm sure we will come up with many more! Does anyone else have any good nicknames?

Pug hugs and kisses!
Vikki and the Pug Posse


Too Cute Pugs said...

Hahaha - we loved this!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Kelly said...

I love it!! One of the first posts I did on my blog was ALL the weird names my Momma calls me!

LilleLuBella said...

VERY cute !! Love the names - they are all so squeezeable !

Rosie said...

Ah yes - nicknames - I think all of mommy's pets from when she was young got nick names - it is a must with pets. Even the fish has a nick name in our house :) (the cats call him dinner LOL)

The Devil Dog said...

Those are some really fun nicknames. I don't think mom could come up with 13 for me. lol


Northern Gal said...

I have had 4 pugs (2 we have now and 2 are sadly missed). Of all my pugs only one has had lots of nicknames. His name is Bug the Pug (he was as cute as a bug in a rug when he was a pup). He also goes by Bug-a-boo, Bugster, Buggy, Spaz, Crazy, Yoda........

Liss said...

That's great, I'm glad you did this Thursday Thirteen! I was told that lot's of nicknames means lots of love!

Selba said...

Hehehe.... great nicknames! :)

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Anonymous said...

I love nicknames! Half my guys don't answer to anything but!
Galore is baby girl and ONLY answers to that.
Indy is poopers and the same thing.

Gus has many many nicknames, gus-gus, gusaroo, gusaroopoo hahaha

Pug Posse said...

Darn it! I forgot one of Bernice's main nicknames...Wiggle Worm! She's so little and wags her tail so hard that her whole body wiggles! It's very cute :-)

Apollo said...

Wow, that's a lot of nicknames. Mommy's nicknames for me are: Baby Boy, Apollo Wallow (inspiration from mellow yellow), and Big Boy.

Becky said...

What cute nicknames for your pugs! Fuji is Fujimama or Pug, sometimes it is Big Brat!

Hank said...

Ed, ol' buddy, my mom calls me a lummox, too!

Northern Gal said...

Hi, I just started a new blog. It is called Hugs from Bug the Pug. Check it out! You already know me as Northern Gal from Northern Trek. Hope to see you there.