Friday, February 13, 2009

Weird bug Friday

Hello Blogger Buddies! Sorry we missed last Friday's Animal Friday post...I'm sure you all missed it terribly ;-) To make up for the miss, I found my pictures of the weirdest creature I think I have seen. We have a bay window in the back of our house that looks from our family room out into the backyard. So we planted some butterly bushes outside the window a few years ago. One day I was looking outside when the bushes were in bloom and I saw this thing buzzing around the flowers that looked like a hummingbird but a little smaller. When we looked a little closer we could see that the "beak" was actually bent and pointed down into the flowers like a bendy straw. Ok, hummingbirds can't bend their beaks. Weird. Thank goodness for the internet! We found out that this is a bug that is called a Hummingbird Moth. It is a freak of nature! Enjoy my pix!

Pug hugs and kisses!

Vikki and the Pug Posse


Rosie said...

great pics.

Unknown said...

wow!! That is super cool!! You have a rare species in your back yard - and great pictures of it too!

Becky said...

Wow, I've never heard of that one before. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

The Devil Dog said...

That is really cool. Imagine Mother nature making an insect? animal with a bent beak.


Kelly said...

I never would have been able to capture those great pictures! Thanks for sharing!