Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pippin's Ode to Sophie

Hey Blogger Buddies! Big Ern here. Sorry we've been MIA for a few days, but Mommy slipped and fell on the ice in our driveway a couple of days ago and she hasn't been able to sit at the computer long enough to blog for us. She totally missed her Animal Friday yesterday, so you'll all have to wait until next Friday to see what she comes up with.

As most of you know, our boy Pippin has a thing for Sophie (of Pugs and Bugg). Well, he's been working very hard on writing a poem for her. Please be kind, his poetry skills are not very good. He's just not that great with words....
I think that I will never be
As handsome as you'd like me to be
But I can tell you Sophie, dear
My feelings for you are sincere I wish I could say just how I feel
Tell you that my love is real
You are such a dainty flower
I dream about you every hour
You are as pretty as can be
Even when you squat to pee
When I see you at the park
My tail will wag and I will bark Oh Sophie girl, you are so sweet
I think about you when I eat
I wish that I could call you mine
Sophie, will you be my Valentine?
All right, Pip, that was just....embarassing! I hope she doesn't laugh her tail off when she sees you at the next Meetup! Speaking of, that next Meetup is this afternoon! Mommy wants to take Eddie so everyone can see how great he looks after being here only 3 weeks! The weather is warmer today and all the snow is starting to melt. I don't know why, but Mommy keeps saying we're going to need baths after Meetup. I don't know what kind of sick joke that is, Mommy, but it's just wrong!
Well, we'll let you know how bad Pippin tanks with Sophie at Meetup today!
Pug hugs and kisses!
Ernie and the Pug Posse


Pugsley and Lola said...

I think you did a good job on your poem Pippin:) Don't let anyone tell you different!! Have fun at the meet up. Mom and I wanted to go, but she has to go to a birthday party:(


Rosie said...

Pippin you are very handsome - I am sure Sophie will love your poem!!

The Devil Dog said...

We think Pippin's poem is lovely. We think that should definitely turn Sophie's head. Eddie looks great.

We gave you an award. Come and see.


Becky said...

Fuji said she would be flattered if someone gave her a poem like that. Eddie seems to be coming right along. That's what happens when you are surrounded by so much pug love and family. Go for it Pippin!

Kelly said...

OMD... that was just the sweetest thing I have ever read!! Pippin is such a ladies man! I just KNOW my BFF sophie will MELT when she reads that!