Monday, January 19, 2009

Eddie: Day 3

How is everyone on this lovely Monday? I, Big Ern, am happy because my Mommy just gave me some extra lovings :-) I'm sure you are all curious about how things are going with our new boarder, Eddie. Well, he is quite a handful for Mommy and Daddy. He keeps following around the girls, Jasmine and Bernice, but mostly Bernice. He sniffs them and then humps them. Mommy and Daddy say that he will calm down with this behavior once he is "fixed". I can truly empathize with him...I was once taken to see the doctor to be "fixed" and I came out with less of me than when I went in. I don't understand what was broken about that part of my anatomy, but it appears that all of the male pugs in this house must suffer the same fate.

I also don't know how such a skinny and pathetic looking thing can think that he is so hot with the ladies. I, the Moose, am in perfect shape, quite the muscular pug. I have gained Jasmine's affections by being quiet and restrained. She respects that much more than the aggressive humping!

Can you see how ridiculous this is? This boy needs to eat, yet he ignores the bowl of food right next to him and instead keeps a close eye on Bernice's back side!

The dog finally did calm down after a while. He seems to prefer lying on the floor as opposed to the big soft bed. How barbaric! He is quite a project...our Eliza Doolittle! Let's see..."The pugs on the rug are pictured on the mug..."

Yes, we are speaking about you, Edward...

At least his bathroom skills have improved. Mommy and Daddy are making sure to send him out frequently to make sure he knows that THAT is where he is supposed to relieve himself. It appears to be helping...

His personality has already improved. When he first arrived in our home, he was afraid to come back inside after being let out. He even cowered as if he was used to being struck if he tried to get inside. But now he runs outside and explores the yard happily and just as happily hops back in through the door!

Mommy is trying very hard to teach him some basic skills, such as "down", "sit", and "stay", but he is still learning his name, so it may be a slow process. We will, of course, keep you all updated as his training and conditioning improve...he surely can't get any worse!

As always, pug hugs and kisses,

Ernie and the Pug Posse


Kelly said...

Thanks for the update, Ern! Man, Eddie has a ways to come doesn't he? Bless his heart, it brought tears to my eyes to hear that he cowers down when he is coming inside. I would like to get my hands on the people that treated him so badly...

Anyway, I digress. What a LUCKY boy to be living in your home! I know he'll adjust perfectly soon!

Eduardo said...

I wish I could get some action! I mean...Eddie, dude! Calm down! The exccessive humping is not going to win Bernice's heart! My Mommy is in love with him, advert your eyes woman, you already have me! She actually falls in love with most animals that she sees, I sure your Mommy can agree that that happens to her as well(note from mommy:there nothing wrong with that!)I would bite those people that hurt him so bad! grrrrrrr
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Archie and Melissa said...

hi ernie!
oh eddie is soooooo lucky to have all of you! he will learn what it is like to be a well loved pug in no time!
m & e

The Devil Dog said...

Thank you for the update. The idea that he was scared to come into the house for fear of being hit makes mom's blood boil. We are glad you and your family are there to love him and teach him what love is.


Salinger The Pug said...

We're so glad to hear that Eddie is starting to adapt and become a civilized Pug (hahaha!)

I'm sure he'd tell you how appreciative he is if he could speak Human!

See you soon!