Monday, December 29, 2008


Hello! It's your buddy the Moose! We hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season. We had an ok Kiss-Moose. It was only ok because our humans left us for most of Kiss-Moose Eve...and they actually had fun without us! Can you believe that? Mommy had a hard time getting home from work on Tuesday because there was a lot of ice all over the roads. So she stayed home on Wednesday and did her work from home. We like when she does that, but she thinks we distract her too much! Daddy only worked a half day and as soon as he got home, they got in the car and drove to Aunt Debbie's house in Lafayette, IN. It only takes them an hour to drive there. But they left us at home! What an abomination! I still can't believe they left us...and Bernice and Eli and myself have never been to their house!

Anyway, Mommy's grandmother (her father's mother), Namie, made most of the food. Mommy's family is Polish/Slovak, so they have a traditional Kiss-Moose Eve dinner. There isn't supposed to be any meat at the dinner. Namie just turned 93 in September! And she's still cooking! Here she is at the stove with Emma, Aunt Debbie's youngest... Here is Uncle Chuck opening a bottle of wine while Daddy and Sam watch... They have a really tall ceiling and a really tall tree!Here's Mommy sitting next to her parents... This is Mommy's favorite part of the dinner...the pierogis! They are like pasta that are filled with stuff (Mommy's favorite is the cheese), boiled, and served with browned butter...mmmm, healthy!Ah, a nice loving moment with Daddy and Sam...Here's Namie trying to see what cousin Alex is doing...Wait...what's this??? Another dog??? They went to see another dog??? And it's not even a pug!!! What were they thinking? (Mommy: Her name is Daisy and she is a very sweet dog, but she could never replace the pugs!) All right, now it's just getting ugly...what on earth is this creature??? It's not a's not even a dog!!! Jasmine tells me it's a C-A-T!!! (Mommy: His name is Toby and he is one of the friendliest cats I have ever met...but I'm allergic to cats, so there is nothing to get upset about. And he was adopted from the Humane Society!) So after dinner, they played with the Wee, whatever that is. I just got to see the pictures, so I really don't understand it. Sam's favorite was something with this round thing that he held... This looks like Daddy is bowling, but a real bowling ball would have broken that big TV!Oh, great...the big yellow dog does tricks too! So they got home kinda late and we went to bed. Then we woke up on Kiss-Moose morning! Can you believe Daddy had to actually wake Sam up? There was a big bag waiting for us and we couldn't wait to get to it!Sam's favorite gift was a new DS... Mommy got this really cool says "Pug Mama" :-) Daddy has been bugging Mommy for some pictures for his office, so Mommy put some pictures in a frame and filled a whole small album with pictures of Sam. Daddy showed the picture of Sidney to Jasmine and she tried to smell him with her tongue...We got a bag full of new toys and some Marrowbones, our favoritest treats! It was a very exhausting morning! Then Mommy got busy cooking. She made a beef rib roast with potatoes and it smelled soooo good while it was cooking! And she made this Yule log for's really just chocolate cake with chocolate icing and filled with whipped cream, but it looks like something we should be peeing on!Pippin's most favorite present was this hamburger. He loves ball shaped stuffed toys and this was just the right size AND it looks like a hamburger (although the blue bun makes it look rotten)! On Friday, Daddy went back to work and Mommy took him lunch and then she went shopping. Mommy also worked a little on her cross-stitch, but she was pretty tired most of the time she was home. On Saturday, we got up and Mommy and Daddy ran some quick errands, then we all got packed in the car and drove down to Louisville to see Daddy's family. It's a longer drive than going to Lafayette, so we spent the night at Grandpa's house. Here is Sam with his cousins Tabitha, Claire, and Max. Max is from Korea and was adopted by Daddy's brother! Aunt Pam has cats, but we still enjoyed taking our turns snuggling with her... Jasmine and Pippin must have been smelling the ham cooking...Here's Bernice showing off her beautiful smile ;-) And we finally came home on Sunday. We slept really good last night! We were totally pooped! Then Mommy and Daddy went to work again today. Sam stayed home with us, so we were busy keeping him in line! Daddy's family is coming up here on Wednesday to celebrate New Year's Eve, so Mommy is supposed to be cleaning, but we talked her into catching us up on our blog...she has been very neglectful lately! Just because she's busy doesn't mean she shouldn't be typing for us!

Well, I guess we'll have more pictures later this week...hopefully Mommy won't take forever to post them!

Pug hugs and kisses!
Ernie and the Pug Posse


The Devil Dog said...

Phew! I am tired from just reading about your eventful holiday. We are glad you had a good holiday, sad you got left behind at times and glad you got snuggles.


Kelly said...

OMG you guys have been BIZ-E!! Momma is still drooling over those pierogis! Mmmm! She also wants to try to find a Pug Mama shirt like that, it's the coolest!!

I am glad that after the Kiss Moose Eve abandonment, you got treats and goodies on Kiss Moose!

Salinger The Pug said...

WOW...I am totally impressed with the Yule Log!!!

Pierogis? YUMMMMMM!

Oh yeah...the pugs are cute too. (HAHAHAHAA)

Glad you had a wonderful Kiss-Moose!

See you Saturday!


Mr. Puggle® said...

what an exciting holiday house for dogs. love the high ceiling and how the tree fills it in. beautiful. omg, your yule log is amazing. so cool. have a great new year. Mr. Puggle

btw, the lady that types for me was crowned Guam's 2003 Spam Queen for her winning pierogis. here is the link if you ever want to try it. talk about healthy! ha ha ha she deep fries them. :)

Becky said...

Love the Pug Mama t-shirt and the yule log looks absolutely scrumptious. Happy New Year 2009 to the Pug Posse family!!