Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold Sunday

Good morning! This is Jasmine here. Sorry Mommy has been AWOL for a few days. She went to her company Christmas party on Friday, so she didn't get home until almost 9. She said they closed the office early and the party started at 3. It was downtown at a place called Jillians. She had a few beers, so after the party she walked around the mall a little before driving home. She tried to take some pictures of the lights, but it she had some difficulties with the camera while she was trying to drive. This was the best one she got...
Remember this picture from about a month ago? Mommy posted it and was going to keep posting her progress on this cross stitch project to try to keep motivated. The picture is from a black and white picture of her parents' wedding picture. Well, she kept getting a little farther and would say, "I'm just going to get this much more done before I post another picture" and finally...
...she finished the first page of the pattern! I know you can't really tell what it is yet. This is the middle of the entire picture. Last night she started the page for the part directly upwards from the middle. There are 9 pages total and depending on how it goes, she might not do the bottom three pages.
It is a cold day today...and still NO snow!!! Mommy is very disappointed that we don't have any snow. And last night she heard that we might have rain on Christmas Eve! She really was hoping for a White Christmas. I think I would rather have snow than rain because the snow doesn't get me all wet like rain does.
Time to do some snuggling with Mommy while she works on her cross stitch picture!
Pug hugs and kisses!
Jasmine and the Pug Posse


Clover said...

Hi Jasmine!
We are definitely going to have a white Christmas here - it is snowing like crazy again today, so I will save some of it and send it to you!!
Your mom's project is really coming along!
Love Clover xo

Kelly said...

Jasmine, the cross-stitch is looking GREAT! It's a good thing your Momma has you around to help!

We almost NEVER have a white Christmas here in Oklahoma. :(

The Devil Dog said...

You want snow? You can have some of ours! Free for the taking. Mom would rather have snow than rain. It might rain Wednesday. YUK!
Your mom is doing well on her project. We like seeing her progress.


Nevis said...

Whew! Cold outside...definatly time for snuggles!!!

Becky said...

Lucky you, five pugs all in one bed. My pug,Fuji, says she is jealous. She has to sleep with a pom, a chihuahua and a yorkie mix plus Mama. Merry Christmas from sunny central Florida!!!