Monday, July 27, 2009

Petco duty

Hi! I iz Eli. I iz bloggin fur Big Ern todeh. Yesturdeh Mama n Daddeh tuk me n Gus to Petco fur KPR. We met a nu pug Max. Hiz Mama wuz new to Petco dooteh, so we helpt dem out. Dis iz Max...
Dis puppeh sed hi to us. Hiz name iz Marleh. He iz 6 weeks old...
Daddeh sed hi to da puppeh...
Den ar gud frend Hank came to say hi!
Daddeh gave Hank sum butt rubs. Gus got a nu ball.
Max haz a tung like r frend Sofeh.
Dat iz Max's mama, Mareh wit da KPR shirt. Sum kidz played wit us pugz.
Den r buddeh Salinger came to vizit us. I tink Max had fun.
Hiz mama also adopted Teddeh. U mite rememmer hiz storeh frum KPR. He had to hav sergereh fur cat-a-racks. Maybeh he wil get to do Petco dooteh nex time.
It wuz like a mini meetup.
Hank n Max got along real gud.
Gus wuz happeh. Gus iz alwayz happeh.
Hank thot Salinger's mama had da treatz in her bag.
Gus wuz boneless.
Hank wuz smilin.
We wuz havin fun together.
Even S-dawg had fun.
Den r bestest buddeh Lilo showed up.
Salinger's mama gave Lilo a big hug.
Da mamas thot sumting wuz funneh.
Lilo's daddeh gave S-dawg sum butt rubs.

Wen we got home da udder pugz wuz outside. Dis iz wut we found.
Datz why Eddeh iz so fat. He duz cookin wen da hoomans r gon.
Pug hugz n kissez


Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We would like to learn to cook to when mom & dad are gone. When can we schedule lessons with Eddie?

Mia said...

I LOVE that picture of Eddie!!! It's great!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys make me want to move to Indiana! lol And get another pug puppy.. sigh..

Hank said...

Hey, Eli, buddy! Great seein' ya at Petco.

But look at the 10th pitcher from the bottom. (Speakin' o' bottoms). Aunt Laura's got me on my back with my legs up in the air and my whatnot showing fer God and everyone to see! Talk about embarrASSin'!!!

Nevis said...


Rosie said...

Hysterical - this was a great post!
the bests are:
How Gus is always Happeh
and EVEN Salinger had fun
Loved it!

Pugsley and Lola said...


We keep missing out on all of the fun:(

Hope to see the Posse soon!!
Pugsley & Lola

Micaela said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures.!! I too love to visit Petco with my loving dog.