Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hiatus is over!

Hello friends!  We have been away far too long!  We hope you didn't forget about us!  It's going to take us a while to catch up, but we want to make sure you remember what we look like.  This is me, Ernie.
 Here is Pippin playing with a stuffy cube.
Tucker is doing his Elvis impersonation...Thank you very much!
 Eddie hanging out with Rosie.
Gus Gus is always hungry.
Romeo wearing a hat.  Mama says everyone loves a pug in a hat!
Eli, Eddie, and Timmy snuggling on the couch.
Pugsley chilling.
 Pudge wanting some attention.
 The beautiful Bella.  Mama thinks Bernice sent her from the Mother Ship.
 And here is the entire Posse posing for the Christmas card!
We will be blogging more soon to let you know what all has been going on the past few months.  But we wanted to overwhelm you with our cuteness first!
Pug hugs and kisses!
Ernie and the Pug Posse


Buddy said...

I don't know how you keep them all sorted out!!!! :D
Great pics!

dw said...

Yay, you're back to blogging! And thank you so much for the awesome pics of everyone (and their names as I tend to get just a bit confused with your bunch!) :)

Pokeypotamus said...

They are all so adorable!!! I would love to just spend a day in your home.. It would be impossible to not have a permanent smile on your face with all those sweeties surrounding you! Hugs from Angie, Biggie and Ollie!

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Overwhelmed with cuteness!
We are bookmarking this post so we can memorize everyone's name!

Payton said...

Oh, SFPs has the best idea! After meeting you all in pugson I can't wait to read more posts!

Chfnman said...

Hello Pug Posse! I'm so happy to see you back on Blogville!


Denny from Indy said...

iSuch sweet babies. I love them all.

Suzy said...

I wanna smooch all of them XOXOXO

I currently have 3 pugs & I invariably call them by the wrong name. I don't know how you keep all of yours straight lol