Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howl-o-ween!!!

Hi everone! I m Pippin. Jaz posted a not so nice pic of me yesterday, so I thot youd like to see how good looking I really iz. That's me in the purple thing...Mommy loves purple, so I guess that means she luvs me a lot cuz I iz the only one that has purple!
A couple weeks ago Mommy's camera broke. It wuzn't my fault! They wuz at the Pug-kin Patch (but they got these big round orange things instead of more pugz). The button popped off the camera. She has the button, but it duzn't work now. So she got a new little blue camera today to use until the other one gets fixed. She had to test it on us and she got me while I wuz shaking the air out of my earz.

This is me standing gard while Eli and Bernice sniff out the cemetary in the garden. Our humanz did that for the Howl-o-ween partee they had last week. Look at how our tailz all curl the same direction!

This wuz from Pugtoberfest in Kentuckee. Mommy made us these shirts. Of course I iz the one in purple (see...she luvs me most). I think she's going to make us wear them tomorrow to meetup. I can't wait to see Sophie and Dixie again. Dixie is a Bug and Sophie is this really cute fawn pug (rowwrrr). I like them a lot but I heard that Dixie got a new boyfriend...a Boston Terrier!!!

I hope I can find some room in the bed tonite so I can get plenty of rest for meetup. I can't wait to see all my pug friendz in costumez! Thanks to Mommy for helping me add some cute pix of me. I sure hope Sophie sees them!


The Devil Dog said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, all of you. I will have to work hard to get all your names straight. Five of you, WOW! Sophie and Dixie are a bunch of fun. They told us to come see you, so we did.


Roxy & Lucky

Clover said...

Pippin, you are very pretty! Thanks for sharing a little more about yourself. :)
Love Clover xo

Salinger The Pug said...

SO great to meet all of you yesterday at the Meetup!!!!!

Your Puggers are all DARLING and we had fun playing with them all yesterday (but I think Jasmine liked me best...probably because there were treats involved!)

Great job on your blog and we can't wait to read more!

See you soon!

S-Dog and his Peeps